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Illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription opioids, all these have one thing in common – they can and will trigger addiction. When that happens, you will only have limited options at your disposal. One of the best ones by far is resorting to our services, at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center.

Our detox centers in Arizona will offer you some of the most comprehensive rehabilitation programs in the field. We treat substance addiction just as we treat any other dangerous mental disorder, with the mention that we consider addiction as far more threatening.

The aspects that make it that way include:

  • An immediate sense of gratification, hiding the dangers
  • The effect on the brain, defined by the impact on the opioid receptors
  • An alteration of the brain’s chemistry
  • Changing your behavior and emotional response
  • Altering your personality, etc.

These effects do not represent an exhaustive list since we have plenty of social issues derived from them as well. As a victim of drug or alcohol addiction, you probably experience problems with work, education, social functioning and others similar. This is precisely why we consider addiction a matter in need of an urgent solution.

Our rehab treatment relies on several simple but effective methods:

A conclusive diagnosing process

The more detailed the diagnosis process is, the more relevant and compelling the treatment will become. We use a thorough initial investigation to not only determine the specifics of your problem but to identify the co-occurring disorders as well. Many of our patients become addicted to alcohol or drugs due to other mental or emotional disorders.

In our detox centers in Arizona, we’re trying to identify all additional problems that may have brought you on the path of addiction. We’re also interested in determining whether substance addiction has worsened any preexistent mental issues as well.

Medical Detoxification

The clinical detox will come into effect as soon as the diagnosing process completes. With the information we will be getting from the initial investigation, we’ll build a comprehensive and on-point detox plan. The purpose includes fighting off withdrawal, eliminating the symptoms of addiction, and allowing you more control over your feelings and behavior.

The detox process is necessary for any rehab program, so long as the patient experiences advanced forms of addiction. If you want to learn more about your situation, don’t be shy and call us!

Cognitive and emotional restoration

The detox process often goes in parallel with our advanced psychotherapies, whose purpose is to address psychological and emotional issues. We’ll stabilize your condition with the help of the most comprehensive holistic approaches in the field of substance rehab.

Come to our detox centers in Arizona to meet our team of rehab experts! We are interested in finding out how we can help you and we’d love to chat with you face to face. We know that alcohol and drug abuse are highly destructive in the long-term and we urge you to seek help right now! Contact us, even for a small introductory chat – we’re here to help!

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