St. John’s Recovery Place ranks among the most innovative facilities in the business, with patient-oriented drug programs in Florida and advance holistic modalities. We rely on numerous clinical and holistic procedures to help patients overcome addiction and grow more positive, confident, and stable. Two of our core procedures are Equine Therapy and NeuroIntegration Therapy.

Equine Therapy

Our Florida addiction recovery centers rely on Equine Therapy to stimulate our patients’ emotional responses. Horses are highly intelligent animals, capable of sensing and reacting to a person’s emotional state. They offer patients an insight into their own emotions, allowing them to connect with the animal and grow more self-aware and controlled.

Our patients soon understand that their emotional and behavioral displays influence that of the horse. Realizing this, patients soon develop a bond with the animal, achieving, with time, improved emotional and spiritual balance. Equine Therapy promotes self-control, discipline, empathy, and spiritual growth, which will help patients grown into more responsible and responsible individuals over time. Some of the core benefits include:

  • Restoring the lost link between human and beast
  • Improved spiritual and emotional balance
  • Positive behavioral display
  • The ability to show empathy
  • A state of deep emotional and psychological relaxation and much more

NeuroIntegration Therapy

NeuroIntegration Therapy is a core recovery modality at our luxury rehab centers in Florida. This procedure goes hand in hand with brain mapping – an advanced technology that allows our experts to create a detailed representation of a patient’s brain. We use this method to identify “hot spots” in the brain responsible for faulty neurological, cognitive, or emotional responses at our alcohol treatment centers.

This procedure is minimally invasive, reducing the physiological impact and boosting the effectiveness of our drug addiction rehab in Florida. Our experts use NeuroIntegration Therapy in conjunction with other high-end procedures to achieve the best results. These may include behavioral therapies, psychotherapy, holistic recreational activities, individual and group counseling, etc.

The best holistic Florida drug treatment

We believe that few rehabilitation programs deserve this title, ours being one of them. We rely on a mix of conventional clinical procedures and advanced holistic modalities to help patients overcome addiction and regain their mental, physical, and emotional balance along the way.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL teaches patients how to:

  • Control their negative emotions and behavior
  • Combat harmful thoughts and embrace a more balanced state of mind
  • Overcome their emotional imbalances and grow more positive and optimistic
  • Understand their weaknesses and strengths to achieve improved mental and emotional discipline
  • Learn how to cooperate with other individuals towards common goals, etc.

All these benefits are fundamental to our drug programs in Florida, teaching recovering addicts about self-control, responsibility, discipline, and personal growth. If you’ve decided to quit your harmful behaviors and tackle your addiction condition, call our team today!

St. John’s Recovery Place ranks among the most advanced and innovative rehabilitation centers, promoting safe and comfortable detox and rehab. You can speak to our leading rehab experts at 833-397-3422 and make an appointment for a clinical assessment today.

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