Long Beach Natural Pain Management

Patients are treated using natural and safe procedures to control nerve pain occurring from shingles, diabetic neuropathy, and nerve injuries. In addition, these procedures are also used to treat headaches and joint pain.

No narcotics or invasive treatments are used, we accomplish this by increasing blood flow to the affected areas which, in turn, will flush away the toxic residues which add to the pain.

The treatment consists of a flow of CO2 directed towards the area of injury and pain. The CO2 decreases the temperature of the area close to 0 degrees. Once the area begins to warm up again there is a reactive increase in blood flow which allows for better conditions in the healing process. Repeating the process a few times allows for a cumulative effect for the treatment and every time patients describe the relief as being longer and more effective.

This all natural treatment is not known to have any adverse side effects and provides relief from pain. The relief is not complete but allows patients to be more functional. The results are best seen after a series of 4-6 sessions.

A few testimonials from our shingles patients:


  1. "First few days were great."
  2. "Although I still felt pain, I was able to use my left shoulder which I have not been able to use for quite a while."


Long Beach Natural Pain Management
Cryotherapy Pain Management
Long Beach Natural Pain Management
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