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If you seek urgent rehab treatment for your addiction condition, our treatment center in Ventura, CA, is the ideal go-to facility. Enlight Treatment Center offers leading patient-oriented treatment and care in a premier facility for a plus of comfort and safety. Here are the core aspects recommending our center as the best in the business:

A structured recovery protocol

We employ a variety of substance use services and rehab modalities in dealing with prolonged addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. These include:

  • Detox services for physical and psychological cleansing, stability, and healing
  • Dual diagnosis assistance to cope with mental health problems
  • Holistic recovery modalities for a well-rounded healing experience
  • Mental, emotional, and spiritual assistance throughout the treatment
  • Medication management and psychotherapy
  • Gambling addiction recovery assistance
  • Family therapy and support
  • Relapse prevention education and training, etc.

This structured approach allows us to help people overcome their addiction conditions with ease and embrace a healthy, positive, and sober lifestyle after the rehab treatment. It’s also what helps us rank among the most renowned rehab facilities in the industry.

Experienced, competent, and empathetic staff

We have a leading team of expert rehab clinicians, therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and health specialists supervising and guiding the treatment 24/7. They will assist you throughout the alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA, making sure you remain stable, optimistic, and engaged in the program. All our staff members have witnessed addiction’s effects up-close-and-personal, and they understand our patients’ challenges better than anyone else.

This is the reason why we ensure a non-judgmental and supportive recovery environment, helping our patients feel secure, comfortable, and at-home at our center. This approach goes a long way in supporting successful social reintegration and long-lasting sobriety.

Holistic healing modalities

Substance addiction is a vastly complex disorder with numerous physical, mental, emotional, and familial ramifications. Our premier substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County follows this premise and offers holistic, comprehensive solutions to its problems. Some of the holistic modalities that we use to treat aggressive addiction include psychotherapy, medical detox, medication management, behavioral therapies, family support, recreational activities, equine therapy, etc.

Our holistic treatment allows the body to heal and recover, supports mental stability, and guides people on better spiritual paths. It is a fundamental addition to our rehab approach, promoting long-lasting sobriety and healthy living over the years.

Begin the drug rehab and alcohol treatment today!

The sooner you start the detox program, the easier it will be to combat withdrawal effectively. Our treatment protocol will have you join an in-depth clinical assessment phase, during which our professionals will evaluate your condition and recommend adequate treatment. The detox procedure will begin shortly, consisting of medication, therapy, counseling, and healthcare services. Early detox carries multiple benefits, including improving the treatment’s effectiveness and promoting lasting sobriety post-rehab.

If you want to arrive at our treatment center in Ventura, CA, today, call 1-866-604-0727 and discuss with one of our experts. Make an appointment at Enlight Treatment Center and start the recovery program to achieve a sober, healthy, and fulfilling life moving forward.

treatment center Ventura CA
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treatment center Ventura CA
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